Blockchain Applications

Now that ICO craze is over and the world is starting to understand that Blockchain does not mean Bitcoin, a new era based on distributed trustless systems is emerging. At Bigdata Teknoloji, we are a big believer of Blockchain technology, and yet not naïve enough to advocate that it will solve every data problem or is suitable for every business use-case.

Our blockchain strategy has several principles:

  • Necessity and applicability to use-case
  • Correct platform choice on a case-by-case basis:
    1. Interoperability
    2. Formal Verification
    3. Throughput
    4. Ease of Use
  • Scalability requirements for the enterprise platform

To jump start our blockchain business line, we formed a solution partnership with an up and coming New York based blockchain firm. We have completed a number of projects and built a strong blockchain expertise capable of coding smart contracts on several platforms.

Our current blockchain projects include:

  • Proof of Concepts:
    1. A Tier-1 Bank on financial reconciliation with its insurance subsidiaries (successfully completed in less than four months).
    2. A multi-billion-dollar manufacturer on a direct payment system on blockchain to move their supply chain management system to a blockchain-supported ecosystem (underway).
    3. A telecommunication giant to move client logs to a blockchain-powered system for security, immutability and auditability (underway).
  • Projects completed to date:
    1. Real Estate Tokenization
    2. Security Token
    3. KYC
    4. IoT security
    5. IPFS through blockchain

Our blockchain business line focuses on forming international solution partnerships, developing applications at affordable prices and leveraging blockchain to form innovative distributed and open systems.

Blockchain Applications

Please reach out to us if you need help with building new cutting edge blockchain systems!