Intelligent People and Organizational Analytics

Many researches show that the most important aspect of a work environment for employees is recognition, which is far more important than the salary. For example, a research conducted in the United States with 980 companies with over 1,000 employees (no industries were excluded) shows the most important properties of work environment that employees want: it is not the money.

What motivates employees?

Employees are the most valuable asset of a company: Employees make or break business success!

  • Research shows that 85% of the employees are either disengaged or actively disengaged with a total estimated cost of 7 trillion dollars per year globally because of the decreased productivity
  • To help reduce the disengagement, companies spend 90 billion dollars per year on non-cash incentives.
  • Moreover, performance appraisal processes cost up to 3,500 dollars per employee per year.
  • Replacing a low performance employee costs about 20% of his/her annual pay for mid-range positions

All this shows the path to profitability, competitiveness, and efficiency for any company in any sector or region goes through successful engagement, motivation, retention and rewarding of employees.

ThankTok is an innovative and disruptive Intelligent People Analytics (IPA) system that helps companies to focus on their most valuable asset, their employees, to become more profitable, competitive and efficient. ThankTok is not an employee recognition App but a unique system that combines the Collective Intelligence of Human Mind with the dexterity and speed of machines to generate actionable business insights for companies and employees to thrive in 21st century.

An important problem related to employee satisfaction is continuous and real-time tracking of performance based on unbiased data sources and giving timely feedback and training when necessary.

There are number of conventional approaches: manager appraisals, 360-degree evaluations, surveys, and self-evaluations. All these methods are biased and misleading, since they either show a single person’s view or asks direct questions. Reference lists 50 common problems with Performance Appraisal Process. We list these problems in

Our solution ThankTok can offer help and assistance for 48 out of 50 of these problems.

Most Serious Performance Appraisal Problems
  • 1    Don’t assess actual performance
  • 2    Infrequent feedback
  • 3    Non-data-based assessment
  • 4    Lack of effectiveness metrics
  • 5    Lack of accountability
Instrument (Form) Problems
  • 6    Doesn’t address diversity
  • 7    The process does not flex with the business
  • 8    The factors are all equal
  • 9    Inconsistent ratings on the same form
  • 10    Disconnected from job descriptions
Manager/Execution Problems
  • 11    Managers are not trained
  • 12    Managers are “chickens”
  • 13    Gaming the system
  • 14    Recency errors
  • 15    Corporate culture issues
  • 16    Inconsistency across managers
  • 17    Managers don’t know the employee
  • 18    Secret codes
  • 19    Mirror assessments
  • 20    Managers are not rewarded
  • 21    Managers don’t own it
Timing Problems
  • 22    A time-consuming process
  • 23    It is historical
  • 24    Not coordinated with business cycles
  • 25    Not simultaneous
Manager/Execution Problems
  • 26    Disconnected from rewards
  • 27    No integration
  • 28    Individual scores exceed team performance
  • 29    Each year stands alone
  • 30    No comprehensive team assessment
  • 31    A focus on the squeaky wheel
  • 32    Little legal support
  • 33    No second review
  • 34    Not reliable or valid
  • 35    Cross-comparisons are not required
  • 36    Assessments are kept secret
  • 37    Process manager is not powerful
  • 38    No process goals
  • 39    Not global
  • 40    Lack of accountability
  • 41    No ROI calculation
Employee/Subject Problem
  • 42    High anxiety
  • 43    One-way communication
  • 44    Self-assessment is not possible
  • 45    No alerts
  • 46    No choice of reviewers
  • 47    One-way process
  • 48    No appeal process
  • 49    Retention issues
  • 50    Many possible emotional consequences

Performance management also requires feedback from clients for employees interacting with clients directly and feedback to suppliers who provide service and goods to the company. These feedbacks make strategic business decisions more accurate and easier. However, these are also problematic processes for most of the companies.

Our solution ThankTok provides support for both client feedback and supplier evaluation processes.

ThankTok takes real time MRI of any company in any sector or region without asking a single question. ThankTok is a disruptive and innovative smart strategic business decision support system which uses employee peer recognition as a collective human intelligence tool together with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to help companies become more profitable, competitive and efficient. ThankTok integrates with email, instant message and similar communication systems as well as Human Resources (HR), Project Management (PM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and other systems to increase the accuracy of business insights. We provide number of deployment options including a Blockchain based one where ThankTok records can be saved to traditional Databases or private/public Blockchain in a GDPR compliant and secure way. ThankTok does not only combine machine and human intelligence to create an Organic Organizational Map but also gives employees a fun and engaging platform to interact and recognize their peers.

Yes, it is also very affordable for companies of all sizes and shapes!