New Ventures and IP Portfolio

We are laser focused on our flagship financial fraud detection and prevention solution iCAT while we also spend considerable effort to make our blockchain business line a great success in the shortest time possible.

At the same time, our vision for Bigdata Teknoloji is greater: we are building a company that can innovate and turn ideas into successful business lines by leveraging our core competencies in technology areas that we use for iCAT. This is much easier said than done. To achieve this vision without diluting our focus away from iCAT and blockchain business lines, we formed the New Ventures team. No, we do not intend to be an incubator: We want to create a firm where innovation is encouraged and fostered, and our IP portfolio is deep, and we can create new business lines when the time comes.

All our New Ventures initiatives combine many of the technology components we build for iCAT and Blockchain applications: Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding and distributed trustless system components and techniques are commonly used.

Our current initiatives and their status for our New Ventures include:

  • Intelligent People Analytics Tool (iPAT): Prototype of this disruptive organizational analytics system is to be completed in Q1 of 2020 followed by a large scale pilot during the rest of 2020.
New Ventures and IP Portfolio

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